new modern water heaters installation


Our technicians in the city are not just ready and equipped to help you when you encounter water heaters installation issues.

repair gas water heaters


As Water Heater Specialists, they are familiar with all the issues older and newer units and would be better placed to help you.

water heater replacement parts


If you have a 40/50/60 gallon water heater and you have leakage issues we can help you and replace the old part with newer one.

powerful water heater usage

Reduces your gas bill by up to 36%

Extends the life of your gas water heater

Hint: The Gas Water Heater Timer is the only universal gas water heater timer that installs in minutes, extends the life of your water heater, and can reduce your gas bill by up to 30%

Fits all traditional gas water heaters

Installs easily in just a few minutes

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Emergency Water Heater Carrollton TX

24 hour emergency water heaters

Do you have a problem with Water Heater Carrollton TX? Owning a home is a dream for most people and they save for a long time to make the investment. While it’s nice to have your own driveway or a backyard for your children to play, plumbing can be a challenge if you have leaking or broken pipes and don’t know a good plumber.

But this should not be a major issue if you contact us for a tanked water heater Carrollton TX problem. When it comes to solving a wide range of issues to do with your home aqua heating system, no one does it better or faster than our technicians. A lot of people in the area know they can call us at any time since we are a 24 hour operation. You don’t have to own an energy consumer such as your tanked unit that heats all day long even when no one is home or need to take a shower. You can hire us to do tankless water heater installation.

A major selling point of these types of appliances is their energy savings. Why is this type more economical? For one, it only works when you need to shower, do dishes or laundry. There are other benefits, too with this system. If you get it installed, you won’t have water heaters leaking issues again.

What that means to you is that we won’t ask you to spend money when it is not necessary. For example, if we can repair your gas water heater Carrollton TX, we won’t ask you to buy a new one. However, we will be open and advice you when it makes more sense to replace it instead of continuing to patch it up even when it is not economical to do so.

Why Send Money Down the Drain?

drain cleaning services

Today, the capacity to spare cash on vitality use, expand the life of your water radiator, diminish vitality utilization and carbon emissions is paramount!

We offer an inclusive variety of services such as: Video camera inspections to determine the accurate nature of problems drain cleaning automated drain care programs to help prevent blockage Water and Water line Repair/Replace, repair and installation And so more Give our office a call to debate your needs and how.

If you have a 40/50/60 gallon water heater Carrollton TX and you have leakage issues we can help you. We can solve this problem easily if you call us. We will also make the installation professionally. Do you need Drain Cleaning or garbage disposal repairs? Or do you need a Gas Water Heater Timer fixed? We can take care of these concerns without a sweat. Our services are available in Zip Codes 75007, 75010, 75019, 75056, 75067, 75093, and 75287.

water heaters timers

How Does The Gas Water Heater Timer Work ?

The Gas Water Heater Timer introduces effectively set up of your current water heater "gas control nob". Once introduced, it goes about as a programmable setback controller.

Our “SmartDevice”, the Gas Water Heater Timer is the most proficient “Green Technology” for accomplishing these objectives.

This empowers you to program your water heater gas control valve to keep the main burner from terminating for periods of time when interest is low, and raise the temperature setting for periods of time when hot water interest is high.

  • Makes sure you have hot water ready when you need it.
  • Keeps your water heater from firing when not in use.

Convenient Home Automation

You can easily control the Gas Water Heater Timer from anywhere with home automation, wireless apps and WI-fi.

The first thing you must do is to turn your electric hot water tank into a "smart appliance." Smarthome offers a 220V / 240V 30 AMP INSTEON Load Controller that is ideal for switching a 220-240V electric hot water heater off and on from a remote location such as a smartphone. This unit is an affordable solution for controlling heavy-duty appliances up to 30 amps, such as electric hot water heaters. Be sure the hot water heater load does not exceed 30 amps

When we think about where our energy dollars go…
we notice the obvious choices we see every day around our home… lights, kitchen appliances, televisions and air conditioning and heating. We tend to overlook the expense of heating water for our daily needs, however…


(Source: California Energy Commission – Consumer Energy Center)

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